All the activities are the expression of SIBPEX's vision, where capabilites and experties are joined together.

Parts, Tooling and Supplies

We delivers service, innovation, and solutions to the customers.

Complete Plant Staffing & Employment

Our specialized recruiters connect clients with a range of talent across industries.

Provide Equipment on Hire & Lease

We provide customized solutions with various offerings.

Environmental Health and Safety Programs

We are dedicated to provide a Safe&Secure environment for the community and plant.

Local and Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics

Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics is now saving valuable time and resources.

Daily Operation and Maintenance of the plant

We provides comprehensive operations and maintenance (O&M) services.


We Provide

O&M Services Provides Solutions to Meet Your Performance Goals.

Safe and Economic Plant Operation

We carry personal responsibility for the safe operation of the plant.

Flexible Financial Structure

We offers innovative and cost effective solutions in contrast to traditional scopes.

Equipment Service and Repair

Service team helps ensure optimum performance at plants and units.

Risk Mitigation and Cost Containment

We provide Performance Guarantee, unplanned and predictive maintenance.

Inventory Management

Our experts optimize and manage all the components of your inventory.

Comprehensive Training

We provide computerized maintenance management programs.

Comprehensive Training

We provide training on Environmental health and safety programs, site documentation and procedure development, site-specific computerized maintenance management programs. SIBPEX O&M major maintenance services optimise outage intervals and schedules, which are backed by performance guarantees to help customers meet their financial expectations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR - shall be a reason for existence of not merely ‘compliance’ for us. We shall aim at creating equitable peerless value for all of our stakeholders, primary as well as secondary, in tune with the company’s Vision. We shall optimally use the resources and shall aptly respond to the challenge of climate change. We shall entice active participation of the entire stakeholder community for the improvement of the quality of life around us endeavoring to attain Inclusive Growth.

World-Class Quality and Safety Programs:
We are committed to compliance Safety and Quality Assurance Achievements.
 ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2000

SIBPEX follows a rigorous environmental health and safety program that is implemented at every plant where we provide O&M services. We are dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for the community and plant personnel by setting standards that often exceed government regulations as well as customer requirements.

Customer-Focused Quality

Our ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance Program combined with our Six Sigma methodology places a premium on developing technology that improves the quality of our products and services—while also meeting the expressed needs of the customer.


We provide project management services for Infrastructure projects, Power transmission & distribution, substation, Road, Railways & Metro, Plant & Building, Cement plant, Mineral processing & Mining etc.

-Mr.Avinash / Partner

Our complete O&M services promotes direct access to SIBPEX's technical expertise.

-Mr.Satyanarayan /Technical Associate

Our Partners

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At SIBPEX we continually strive to do better and many of the enhancements we implement are developed from collaboration with our clients, feedback from their customers and the input of our staff. A true team effort. Call : +91 9879 227 286

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